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Information Translation Samples

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Asset 2implicit.png

Translation of Government Documents

This graphic describes the Rules defining implicit bias educational requirements for all heath care workers in Michigan. This is aimed at Licensed Massage Therapists, and translates some of the information for their profession specifically.

Find the original language, written by Michigan's Licensing and Regulatory Affairs department here: Implicit Bias

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Asset 2.png

Single Page Annoucement

Sometimes information needs to be accessed or confirmed repeatedly. This simple one page graphic allows people to quickly reference the correct rules.

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Asset 1studymethods.png

Entire Research Article Translation

This is page one of the Study Methods portion of a complete transformation of the article 

"Clarifying Definitions for the Massage Therapy Profession:

the Results of the Best Practices Symposium"

which can be found here:

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Asset 1flowchart1.png
Asset 1flowchart2.png

Flowchart with Descriptions

Processes can get confusing quickly. Encourage absorption, retention and provide simple referencing for your processes with a flowchart!

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